O2/SLURM Account1 Request Form

Note: This page assumes that you already have an Orchestra account. If you don't, please visit instead the new users section of our main page, and click on the Account Request button.

To find out if you already have a SLURM account, after logging into O2 (at o2.hms.harvard.edu), run the following

$ sshare -Unu <YOUR_ECOMMONS_ID>
If you get output, and it looks something like this
<YOUR_GROUP>   <YOUR_ECOMMONS_ID>  1    0.001815           0      0.000000   1.000000
...with <YOUR_GROUP> and <YOUR_ECOMMONS_ID> replaced appropriately, then you're all set! No need to submit the form below.

SLURM Account Request (for current Orchestra users only!)

(Asterisks indicate required fields.)

1 Clarification for experienced users: Orchestra users automatically have access to the O2 cluster (i.e. they can log in to o2.hms.harvard.edu using their Orchestra credentials, and run typical commands on the Unix command line), but in order to submit jobs to O2's SLURM resource manager, they need, in addition, a SLURM account. Requesting such an account, by those who don't yet have one, is the purpose of this form.