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XSEDE is a consortium of multiple supercomputing partner institutions including the Texas Advanced Computing Center [TACC], San Diego Supercomputing Center [SDSC], Georgia Tech [Gtech], National Institute for Computational Sciences [NICS], Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center [PSC], and others. A nice summary of site resources can be found here. Each site may have multiple clusters available serving different purposes so please review which site is most appropriate for the research you're trying to do.

If you're interested in exploring the use of XSEDE resources please contact the XSEDE representative at Harvard Medical School by e-mailing Jason Key. You can request an account through the link at the XSEDE User Portal or by the direct link button below to the same page.

XSEDE Account Request Form


Step 1. Apply for Account

After reviewing the XSEDE resources and consideration of if it would be beneficial for your research you can apply for an account through the XSEDE User Portal.

Step 2. Logging into XSEDE

You can log into specific XSEDE sites directly using your XSEDE userid and corresponding server. However, XSEDE also has a single-point login node login.xsede.org which provides access to all the sites. I applied for my XSEDE account using my eCommons ID so it's easier for me to remember when logging in, there's an example below.

$ ssh np106@login.xsede.org
np106@login.xsede.org's password: 
Last login: Thu Sep 25 13:07:57 2014 from ritg-pat.med.harvard.edu

Welcome to the XSEDE Single Sign-On (SSO) Hub!

Your storage on this machine is limited to 100MB.

You may connect from here to any XSEDE resource on which you have an account.

To view a list of sites where you actually have an account, visit:

Here are the login commands for common XSEDE resources:

Blacklight: gsissh blacklight.psc.xsede.org
Darter: gsissh gsissh.darter.nics.xsede.org
Gordon Compute Cluster: gsissh gordon.sdsc.xsede.org
Gordon ION: gsissh gordon.sdsc.xsede.org
Keeneland: gsissh gsissh.keeneland.gatech.xsede.org
Lonestar: gsissh lonestar.tacc.xsede.org
Mason: gsissh mason.iu.xsede.org
Maverick: gsissh -p 2222 maverick.tacc.xsede.org
Nautilus: gsissh gsissh.nautilus.nics.xsede.org
Open Science Grid: gsissh submit-1.osg.xsede.org
Stampede: gsissh -p 2222 stampede.tacc.xsede.org
Trestles: gsissh trestles.sdsc.xsede.org

Contact help@xsede.org for any assistance that may be needed.

[np106@gw69 ~]$ 

Once logged in you can see all the XSEDE sites and corresponding commands to access them from the XSEDE login node. So, for example, if I wanted to connect to the Grodon super computer at SDSC I could use the supplied command of gsissh gordon.sdsc.xsede.org as indicated in the welcome message. I've shown the example below, please note that each individual XSEDE site has its own resources rules so I would encourage you to do your research as to which site is most appropriate for the work you're trying to do.

[np106@gw69 ~]$ gsissh gordon.sdsc.xsede.org
Rocks 6.1 (Emerald Boa)
Profile built 13:17 19-Aug-2013

Kickstarted 13:49 19-Aug-2013
                           WELCOME TO 
_______________________________   _________            _________             
__  ___/__  __ \_  ___/_  ____/   __  ____/__________________  /____________ 
_____ \__  / / /____ \_  /        _  / __ _  __ \_  ___/  __  /_  __ \_  __ \
____/ /_  /_/ /____/ // /___      / /_/ / / /_/ /  /   / /_/ / / /_/ /  / / /
/____/ /_____/ /____/ \____/      \____/  \____//_/    \__,_/  \____//_/ /_/ 

[np106@gordon-ln1 ~]$ 

Step 3. Do Research

If you have any questions regarding XSEDE specifically you can e-mail them directly for technical support. At Harvard Medical School you're welcome to reach out to our XSEDE campus champion, Jason Key or the research computing group to discuss more scientific questions.

Step 4. Publish


Step 5. Get Famous



The XSEDE campus champion at Harvard Medical School is Jason Key, the director of the structural biology grid. Questions about XSEDE can be directed to him here.


XSEDE supports and enables a large number of impactful research projects, more information canbe found in the XSEDE Monthly Newsletters or profiled directly on their main page.

If you're affiliated with Harvard Medical School and have used XSEDE in your research we'd be interested to hear about it and profile it for the local community.

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